Monday, February 6, 2012

My Summer Recommendation: Le Tan's Coconut Lotion

Le Tan Coconut Lotions and Coconut Oils, Images from my fashion blog Lucy and the Runaways

Hmmmm, summer in Sydney is here. Here is a collection of my adventures at Bondi Beach here in Sydney. I like to swim, read a book and drink smoothies when I come here. My most recent discovery though, is Le Tan's Coconut sunscreen range - the lotions and oils
The smell is so so so so addictive, I'm even using it as a hand cream these days!

They've opened up a new online store now, wow, must stock up!
xx Natalie

Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY nails: glitter dipped nails using real glitter

Glitter dipped nails using real glitter.
Glitter: Efunkhouser; Nail base: Dior Vernis Psychedelic Orange #545

Earlier I did a post showing you the pretty colour this Dior nail polish gave me, as seen here.
I decided to add to that by adding glitter to the tips. It added a nice element to it and is eye-catching.

You can use these the normal sort of loose glitter you buy from crafts stores. But I chose a thinner glitter, some glitter designed for faces. 
Left to right: #545 Dior Vernis nailpolish, Rimmel 60sec topcoat, Efunkhouser loose glitter in orange

Step 1: Paint your nail base without applying the top coat
Step 2: Put some glitter on a piece of paper, not too much, not too little

Step 3: Use a discarded topcoat nail polish you don't care about ruining, OR even better, get a clear based glitter nail polish and dip it into the glitter gently. Don't over-dip.

Step 4: Very carefully, "pat" the glitter onto the end of your nails (about 3mm in depth from the tip). Use a "dabbing or patting" motion along the ends. Don't over do-it though, the key is to add layers. This will your first layer.

Step 5: After your first layer, let it dry, and dip your brush into more glitter.
Then add to the first layer of glitter that's already been dried. Build it up until its dense enough or as what you desired. Then you can start adding more glitter closer to your cuticle. These layers can be denser and eventually you keep repeating these steps so your nails start to have a gradating effect.
Step 6: Don't go overboard, make sure there is a fine balance between the glitter and the solid base. And less is more. Add a clear top coat to smooth over the nails.

Finally, just have fun with it! I used a matching orange glitter with a orange base, but you can use contrasting colours, or thick loose glitter, as opposed to my thin loose glitter. Enjoy!

xx Natalie

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christian Dior Vernis Psychedelic Orange Nail Polish (Shade 545)

Christian Dior #545 Psychedelic Orange (Orange Psychedelique) Nail Polish 1oml [with clear top coat applied]

This is Christian Dior's nail polish Psychedelic Orange, an unique beautiful colour.
The colour when you paint it on is like a pink coral, so basicaly an orange with a hint of pink.
 One coat is enough for good application, a 2nd coat is recommended for really opaque colour.
A clear top coat finishes it off well although it not needed, as this nail polish dries with a shiny coat and is smooth when you apply it.


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xx Natalie