Friday, October 14, 2011

An Introduction to 'Building Lucy'

Hi all, I'm Natalie Leung and I am the author of the fashion blog 'Lucy and the Runaways'.
I started this fresh blog 'Building Lucy' as a vehicle to express my ideas on non-fashion-related subjects. Besides fashion and styling, I am also passionate about photography, illustration, music, food, DIY, manufacturing clothes, card-making and general arts and crafts. 
I didn't want to confuse my fashion-loving readers as to why they are suddenly reading a post on wedding card tutorials. So by creating this blog, I can freely do it here.
I will provide a series of fashion blogger tips, tutorials on make-up and how to make skirts, wedding card tutorials, and my favorite cameras and some reviews.
Hope you'll enjoy, and don't worry, my main priority and blog will always be Lucy and the Runaways.

xx Natalie


  1. Awesome idea. I'm really keen to see what comes up on this blog :)

  2. What camera do you use?I am not into photography but I'd like to have a good camera to take my daily outfits.Suggest something with a reasonable price.& I'd also love to receive fashion blogging tips!Great doing do far.I Love your blog!